Whitleigh Community Primary School, Lancaster Gardens, Whitleigh, Plymouth, Devon, PL5 4AA

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Chair of Governors: John Bale

Whitleigh Community Primary School

Children at the heart of the school - School at the heart of community

Rights Respecting School


We are a Rights Respecting School

Unicef is the organisation working specifically for children and their rights. It’s mission is to campaign for the protection of children’s basic needs and empower them to realise their full potential.

At Whitleigh Primary School, we are proud to announce that we have been awarded the GOLD Rights Respecting School Award! 

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Our Rights Rangers made a video and held an assembly to explain the language of Duty Bearer and Rights Holders...

These are the Articles from the CRC we chose to focus on in school…

We recently collected donations from our whole school community to ensure the babies of our area have the food and clothing they need according to Article 27 of the CRC. Thank you to all that donated!


See a video below of the Rights Rangers visit to deliver the donations, stock the cupboard and make up some packs for parents...

OutRight Campaign - better access to an NHS dentist for all! 

Article 24 says we have the right to the best possible healthcare, and we are fighting for all children to be able to access an NHS dentist whenever they need to! 

During our Citizenship week this term, we are campaigning for all children to be able to access an NHS dentist whenever they need to! From our parent survey, we found out that nearly 50% of our children are not registered with a dentist and we don't think that's okay. There is a huge lack of dentists in Plymouth, with lots of our children having been de-registered when their NHS dentists left the surgery or went private, and the waiting list to get a new one is 10 years long! We know that seeing a dentist regularly for check ups helps us to stay healthy, which is one of our rights. Over 75% of our parents said that they could not afford to take us for a private check up, so many of us are not having these regular check ups to prevent problems going unnoticed. We decided to take action! 


Foundation have been busy learning about how to keep their teeth healthy with this wonderful teeth cleaning activity...


Key Stage One children learned about the importance of visiting the dentist and what to expect when they do. They coloured in posters which we are putting up in key areas to remind everyone of every child's right to the best possible healthcare, and therefore access to an NHS dentist. Some posters will also be sent off to our Local MP with letters from some of our KS2 children.


Year 3 designed their own posters highlighting the need for more NHS dentists and all children's right to the best possible healthcare.


Year 4 made placards and held their own protest, which was captured by Westcountry News and aired on the news. Their original campaign song and loud chants were heard far and wide, and their television appearance is sure to get their message across to those in power! 


Year 5 met with local MP Johnny Mercer to discuss the findings from our survey, and ask him how he could help. The children were well prepared and very articulate in their discussions with him. He said he would take their message to Westminster and promised to write to them with an update about the situation soon. 


Year 6 made their own campaign videos to send to those in power, as well as post on our social media platforms to raise awareness of the cause. Take a look at their excellent videos below! 


The Rights Rangers had a TV appearance on BBC Spotlight for the news at breakfast, lunch and the evening, as well as on radio Devon on Wednesday 17th November, spreading their campaign message far and wide. They spoke of the results from our survey, and highlighted the fact that children's rights are not being met in our school, and beyond. 


This is just the beginning of our campaign efforts and they don't end just because Citizenship Week has ended! Watch this space! 

More photos and videos coming soon!