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Whitleigh Community Primary School

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The Healthy Child Quality Mark is a valued approach at Whitleigh for promoting and developing the physical ad mental health of all our students. Previously, our projects have focused on healthy lunches and smoking outside (see below for more information). However, we are currently in consultation with local authority advisors and are setting new targets in order to maintain our SILVER AWARD status. More information about our new projects will follow...so watch this space. 


As a result of the ‘Stoptober’ smoking campaign that has been in the news lately, the School Council children have decided to support the quit smoking project by encouraging adults not to smoke in enclosed spaces.

The purpose of the project is to reduce the amount of children who are exposed to smoking in enclosed spaces such as cars and homes, as this has a negative effect on health.

The children have all had an assembly, discussing some of the risks and benefits of living in a ‘smoky’ v’s ‘non smoky’ environment and are aware of the project.


If you would like any further information, please check the websites below:

Smokefree Southwest - Smokeoutside campaign website

available at:


Smokefree homes and cars info and facts sheets available from ASH website


2. Healthy packed lunches 

We will also be looking at healthy packed lunches, how swapping certain foods will mean a healthier lifestyle and look at the health risks surrounding unhealthy foods. 

We will be running incentives to help children look at what is in their packed lunches and making healthier options click here to find out more