School Council

What is it?

School Council gives children the opportunity to share their ideas about our school and how they think the environment can become a better place.  Also, they discuss what ideas they have for fund raising, fancy dress, school discos and loads more.  Mrs Burgoyne (the Leader) arranges meetings to normally take place throughout the year .  Each school council member has a school council folder that includes a book which members can record all their classes' ideas, times and dates of the next meeting and also any point they would like to bring up in a meeting.

In school council we all wear badges; which are yellow and bright. These help children to recognise who we are.


Who is involved?

Each class has 2 school councillors; these then represent all of the classes in the school.  Normally this is 1 boy and 1 girl.  At the start of the year, each class from year 1 to year 6, votes for 2 school council members.  There is also a school council secretary where that person writes, collects children, tells the rest of the school where to meet and loads more!..


Plans for the Future

  • To help make further fundraising decisions.
  • To get involved with other campus school councils.
  • To develop ideas for behaviour and respect for the environment in our school
  • To campaign for a Zebra crossing between the school and the play park on Lancaster Gardens

What decisions do they make?

When we all come together in our meetings we talk about many difference things such as: things that are happening around the world, events coming up, performances and our environment. 

For example, Red Nose day we voted on 'Come to School with a funny face' with a donation of £1.  We contributed to the no smoking campaign and we decided on letters informing parents about our zebra crossing campaign and took pictures of the road.

If your child has any fab ideas please tell them to speak to their class School Council Rep or their class teacher. 

Together we can make a difference!