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October 21st

Magic Coin Trick 1: How to Make a Coin Disappear

One of the mainstays of magic is making objects disappear. Here’s a way to do it with a coin.One of the mainstays of magic is making objects disappear. Here’s a way to do it with a coin.

Sit down at a table with a coin in your hand.

Present the coin to your audience, and tell them your trick will be making it change colors by rubbing it on your arm. This is intended to mislead them; it’s not the real trick.

Take the coin and place it in your right hand. (If you’re a lefty, place it in your left hand and reverse all the directions going forward.) As you do this, take the elbow of your other arm and place it on the table, resting your chin on your left hand, which should be closed into a loose fist.

The coin is still in your right hand. Rub that hand against your left forearm in order to “change its color.”

Then “accidentally” drop the coin on the table. This should seem to your audience like you made a mistake. Acknowledge the mistake and talk about it. The idea is to distract them and keep them from looking at your hands… which are about to be busy.

Pick up the coin with your left hand (ie. the one you’d previously been resting your chin on). 

Make sure your audience doesn’t see you do this. One way to fake them out is to let them see you pick it up, but make it strongly look like you transferred it into your right hand. Or you could actually pick it up with your right hand, but let it drop into your left hand under the table.

Then resume rubbing the coin against your arm—but of course, the coin isn’t really in your right hand at this point. Announce that you can feel the trick working this time, and the coin is changing colors, all the way to… invisible.
Open your right hand, and reveal that the coin has completely disappeared.

Some people might want to see your left hand to make sure the coin isn’t in there.

You can plan for this by dropping the coin down your collar when the audience is focused on your right hand reveal.

Boom. The coin has disappeared.