Classes - Year Group Learning

Just look at our 'off site' learning already this term! 


Children learn and remember so much more when they are able to experience activities off site to further their learning



Year 4 travelled down to the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth to visit the hugely popular Viking Voyagers exhibition.

The children attended 4 workshops looking at; Viking travel (where they came from and where they went), Viking life including clothing, Making their very own Viking Money and finally, touring the fantastic Viking exhibition looking at real artefacts from 1000 years ago.

On Thursday 12th January all of year 5 visited Dartmoor Zoo as part of their Science topic 'Living Things and their Habitats'. Although it was raining, all of the animals were out and the children saw tigers, grey wolves, Iberian wolves, Fudge the bear, meerkats, snakes, chameleons and much more! The children learnt about why animals have different habitats and how certain animals have to adapt to their surroundings. Children and adults had a fabulous time!