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Chair of Governors: John Bale

Whitleigh Community Primary School

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8th April 2022

Easter Magic Tricks

Surprise Treat

For any of you tricksters out there, listen up – this one’s for you! For this Easter magic trick, you’ll need a large gift bag, a scarf, one small Easter egg and one large one. Place the large egg in the gift bag, putting the scarf on top. You can now trick the recipient into thinking you haven’t got them an egg by placing your hands on either side of the bag and tipping it upside down. If you’re holding the egg well enough, the scarf will fall out but not the egg, making them believe there’s nothing in the bag. Then, place the small egg in, wave your scarf around for that magical effect, and pull out their real, giant egg!


The Infinite Chocolate Magic Trick

If you’ve been gifted a big bar of chocolate over Easter, here’s an interesting trick you can do with it to wow your friends and family. You can watch how to do it in this video as it’s kind of hard to explain but, basically, you’ll be removing one piece of chocolate from your bar and re-arranging the rest. With one piece removed, there should be an empty space, right? Yet, the bar appears to have exactly the same number of squares! We’re still struggling to get our heads around it if we’re honest…