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3rd December 2021

Make a pencil float in the palm of your hand. 

This one is as easy as can be—just clutch a pencil in one fist with the back of your hand facing the audience, then grab your wrist with your opposite hand like you're bracing yourself for a great effort. Without attracting attention, slowly outstretch the pointer finger of your support hand and use it to pin the pencil to your palm as you open your fist. When done correctly, it will look like the pencil is hovering in front of your hand.

  • If you really want to blow your audience's mind, you can perform a slight variation of this trick immediately afterwards. Hide a second pencil on the inside of your wrist under the band of a watch or bracelet and use it to hold the “floating” pencil in place as you slowly remove your support hand entirely.
  • You can carry out this trick either from the side or from a top-down perspective, so long as the inside of your hand isn't visible to your audience.