This weeks winners of the team trophy are


 1st 309 points Yealm

2nd 296points Tamar

3rd 281 points Plym

4th 276 points Walkham


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Winner of

"Bike it Bear"

last  week  was


What you need for school.

Make sure everything

has got your name on it


Would you like to help

improve your environment?

When you grow out of your wellies or your adults buy themselves new ones bring the old ones into school and we will use them as plant pots

And next time your parent/carer takes their car to the garage for a new tyre ask them to bring the old one to us.

This will help us with some of our sneaky, secret Ninja projects and may also save your adult a couple of £ as they won't have to pay the garage to dispose of their old tyre!!