Reminder - Friday 19th October is a Non-Pupil day. Pupils return on Monday 29th October.



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A big thank-you to all who donated to the Harvest Day this year.  All donations were split between Salvation Army and Plymouth Food Bank

Well done to all the participants of the harvest fancy dress and congratulations to all the winners & Runner ups


Nursery : Emily and Ivy

Foundation: Emily and Logan

Year 1 - Sophie and Oliver

Year 2 - Jacob and Lacie

Year 3 - Amelia, and Harvey and Megan

Year 4 - Corbyn and Jenna

Year 5 - Ellie and Amy

Year 6 - Amie

Runner up

Foundation -  Evie

Year 1 - Lacie and Darcie

Year 2 - Jessica and Jayden

Year 3 - Brooke-leigh and Chloe

Year 4 - Errol and Jayden and Suzzanda

Year 5 - Jack and Mia

Year 6 - Nathan

 Photos to follow.



Our attendance bike winners 2018!!

All achieved 95% or above this year and entered into the prize draw.

Congratulations to:

Lexi, Koda,Olivia & Emily 


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Our child Protection Lead is Mr Ian Cording (Headteacher)

Deputy Child Protection Lead 

Mrs Jo Burke (Deputy Headteacher) 

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