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Planning Framework: Year 1  / Year 2Year 3 / Year 4 / Year 5 / Year 6

Teaching pathway:    Here at Whitleigh Community Primary School we have adopted a planning tool devised by Maths No Problem. This document was developed to support ‘Teaching for Mastery’. The objectives for the new curriculum are taught in different sequences of learning. There is a greater emphasis on number concepts throughout the units. Take a look at each year group and see what your child is up to in maths.


Calculation Policy  - Currently under review

Here you will find the calculation policy that we use within school. It shows the different stages that we take children through as they develop the understanding of calculating with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  The final aim for all calculations is for all children to have the skills that will enable them to solve a problem mentally and apply their skills within real life contexts.



These documents below show how, as a school, we move children from a concrete understanding of mathematics to an abstract. At Whitleigh, we understand the importance of children being able to use manipulatives to develop a greater understanding of the maths that they are doing. We develop this for all 4 operations, by showing them what is happening to the numbers as we calculate. We do this visually and with resources so that children can explore what is happening and the emerging patterns. When this conceptual understanding is secure we move children onto applying this understanding to problems which can be solved using the same manipulatives. After understanding is deepened further, we ask children to apply their understanding in an abstract form by solving problems without manipulatives and using the formal written methods that they have been taught through our calculation policy. This flow is illustrated through each document.