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Learning and teaching at Whitleigh Primary School is designed to offer a curriculum that is broad and balanced; that:

  • Promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils, and
  • Prepares pupils at the school for opportunities, responsibilities and experiences later in life.

(In line with the national curriculum 2014 - Parents or other members of the public can find out more about the curriculum we follow by clicking on the following link: )


Therefore, we plan a stimulating, exciting and rewarding 21st century curriculum that promotes enjoyment, self-awareness, resilience, communication, enquiry and problem solving; one that holds the development of core skills in mathematics and literacy so vital to future success, at its heart.

We have a topic-based approach to teaching.  This means that every term the class starts a new, exciting topic.  English and maths lessons include elements of these topic and whenever possible children are given opportunities to apply core skills in other lessons, for example through topic based writing opportunities.

Below you will see several links to yearly and termly learning within each subject and each year group.


Yearly Overviews:  

Year 1 Year 2 

Year 3 Year 4 

Year 5  Year 6  


Our learning Spring term:


Year 1Year 2 

Year 3, Year 4

Year 5, Year 6