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ElliottG on: FLAMBARD

I went to flambards to learn about ww2. We went to the Victorian village and the dolls were creepy !!!!! Then we went to Britain in the blitz and I saw an air raid shelter. I learnt that they only had 5 pieces of food a week. After that we went on the rides. The rides were amazing and my favourite was the sky raker 001.

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EmilyR on: flambards

We went to Flambards on Wednesday the 7th of September 2016. The whole of year 5 went to Flambards. We went to Flambards to learn about ww2. A man called  Paul  welcomed  us to Flambards  then we walked into the Victorian village. I was scared because they had statues  and they were creepy. We went to Britain in the blitz  (fact: there was not enough food for everyone and the sauseges weren't made from meat they were made from bread crumbs). I heard sirans and saw planes that we could go into and sit in the seats. The rides that I went on were the rollercoaster and the swing and the log flumes.

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My day at Flambards

IsabelleG on: hello

When we arrived at Flambards we put our things down and had a snack. After we had a snack then we went to the exhibition and saw some  WW2 things.Then we went to café we sat down and had lunch. After we left the café most of year 5 went on the drop slides and then the people who didn't want to go on the drop slides went to go on the rides. After that we went to the café to get our stuff then catch the coach to school. After 2 hours we arrived at school and were collected by our parents. Then we went home had tea and sat down.

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starting year 5

Starting year 5

SkyW on: starting year 5

Starting year 5 is wonderful because you know what people say a new year a new opitunity to be good and make new friends. When I started year 5 I liked it because I knew my teacher Miss Gardner was the best teacher ever and whenever I'm sad she makes me feel better. I have a few friends now Nati , Libby and Alissa so starting year 5 at my school was not so bad. I hope others have enjoyed starting year 5 oh and just before I forget my best friend ever is called Rihanna we are never apart and when I'm sad or Rihanna's sad we help each other get over it I hope you enjoy this blog.

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Started school

Year 5

IsabelleG on: Started school

When I first started year 5 I was so scared I was going to tell the adult that I was very scared. So far it is so good the English is so easy and maths is easy but it can sometimes be very hard  but if you keep on trying it will be easy. I like that some of the lessons are easy. My personal target is put in a range of adjectives in my work. The things that are new is that we have to start on our 2 times table and we have to move on at the same time.

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year five

Starting year 5

LeonC on: year five

So far I like my teacher because she's very funny and I like that I have blog club and I;m 9 now so I can get a Tom Gates book because I love them. My personal target is to bee good for once.


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year 5

Starting year 5

ElliottG on: year 5

It has been fun so far in year 5. I like that I can stay in blog club and my teacher, Miss Russell. My personal target is to try and be quiet but I don't think it will happen. The things that have changed are that I have a different classroom and the teacher has changed.

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If you are in year 4 or under you have no idea how easy it is when you start but when you get into the year it starts to get harder and harder. But you start your times tables all over again because I finished them but now I'm on my 2 times tables, we've got a booklet to last till Christmas it goes up to 3's. So far for the start of the 4th week the lessons have been easy but I think it is going to get harder. I like year 5 at the moment because the work is easy though I do like hard work. My personal target is to finish my times tables by the end of the year. The classroom is new and the teachers.



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